Bienvenue chez Véronique, a French native and Seattle resident. A longtime blogger and travel writer, she shares her passion for the French culture through her blog, French Girl in Seattle. An avid traveler, with a soft spot for France and Europe where she flies every year, Véronique tells stories about la Belle France and all things French, and when on the road, travel stories with a French twist. A French Girl in Seattle reader said it best: “Thank you for always making my French heart smile.” Get notified by email when new blogposts are published on the blog by signing up on the Homepage. Follow French Girl in Seattle on Facebook and Instagram where Véronique publishes photos daily. Véronique has run French Girl in Seattle in her spare time for more than 7 years. If you like what you see, please support this community by commenting or sharing publications with friends, or visit la Boutique, to discover our current selection of favorite French-themed products. Merci de votre visite et à bientôt!

As Seen On

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French Girl in Seattle meets popular Paris tour guide/photographer/Livestreamer Corey Frye, of a French Frye in Paris: Hilarity (and travel tips) ensue.

The French are easy to get along with if you follow these tips from French Girl in Seattle, interviewed on the popular the Earful Tower podcast.